WG082: Sandrine scuba diving in the bath tub wearing a Swatch Scuba, 12 PopSwatch bonus pictures

WG081: Paris wearing an Axcent Seduction

WG080: Keara wearing a Rolex Submariner

WG079: Mystery wearing a Swatch Scuba

WG078: Mascha wearing a diver’s watch

WG077: Ciara wearing a black G-Shock

WG076: Paula wearing six watches

WG075: Evita wearing a Rolex Lady Date(Just) style

WG074: Lara wearing a Swatch Scuba

WG073: Malou wearing a Guess style double pin buckle watch

WG072: Paris wearing a Rolex Lady Date(Just) style

WG071: Sayang wearing a huge leather watch

WG070: Paula wearing a Rolex Submariner inside

WG069: Lara wearing a Casio diver’s inside

WG068: Laila wearing a huge Friis watch

WG067: Fleur wearing a G-Shock and handcuffs

WG066: Thessa wearing an Axcent Seduction

WG065: Daphne wearing a Baby-G “Surf Star” velcro

WG064: Melanie wearing her own IEKE watch

WG063: Sandrine wearing a Swatch Scuba in scuba gear

WG062: Manon wearing a Jacob’s style watch

WG061: Gina wearing Axcent Monitor and Axcent Rocker (inside)

WG060: Sayang wearing a Rolex Submariner

WG059: Selena wearing a yellow G-Shock inside

WG058: Maaike wearing a huge Friis watch

WG057: Laila wearing a PopSwatch “Alice”

WG056: Gina wearing a Citizen diver’s watch inside

WG055: Dido wearing a Rolex Lady Date(Just) style

WG054: Suzy wearing a white Axcent Broadband

WG053: Nathasja wearing an Axcent Seduction

WG052: Michèlle wearing a fake G-Shock, some handcuff pictures, and some multiple pictures!

WG051: Silvie wearing a Casio diver’s watch

WG050: Suus wearing a Rolex Lady Date(Just) style

WG049: Nathasja wearing a white Axcent Seduction

WG047: Maaike wearing a G-Shock DW-9000

WG046: Gina wearing a Citizen diver’s watch

WG045: Melanie wearing her own black leather watch

WG044: Fleur wearing a red Axcent Seduction

WG043: Lithuanian Laila wearing a Swatch Scuba

WG042: Adinda wearing a S. Oliver watch