WG163: Sandra wearing a Swatch Irony Lady Lady Xoanon

WG162: Kristel wearing a velcro strap G-Shock

WG161: Dunya wearing a Tauchmeister watch

WG160: Judy wearing a G-Shock G-Lide

WG159: Samantha wearing a huge Friis cuff watch

WG158: Kimberly and Amy wearing exclusive metal cuff watches

WG157: Kimmo wearing a G-Shock and a Baby-G

WG156: Asian Angel wearing her own Guess watch

WG155: Demi wearing a huge cuff watch

WG154: Chrissy wearing a black PopSwatch

WG153: Daniela and Desi swapping metal watches

WG152: Farah wearing a G-Shock and handcuffs

WG151: Missy wearing a Swatch Scuba right handed

WG150: Mayke wearing Rolex Yachtmaster left AND right

WG149: Chantal and Shirley strapping on G-Shock and Citizen

WG148: Chrissy wearing a Breitling watch

WG147: Farah wearing a huge OOZOO

WG146: The Twins wearing PopSwatches

WG145: Missy wearing a Rolex Submariner

WG144: Gina wearing a double pin buckle G-Shock

WG143: Sarina wearing a big metal watch

WG142: Kristel wearing a Swatch Scuba

WG141: Valery wearing a huge OOZOO cuff watch

WG140: Gina wearing 4 Baby-G’s inside and outside

WG139: The Twins wearing and swapping Rolexes

WG138: Veronica wearing a blue G-Shock inside

WG136: Mystery wearing a black Axcent Seduction

WG135: Sharon and Elena wearing Rolex Yacht Master and Rolex Submariner and Irish 8 handcuffs

WG134: Kristel wearing a Casio diver’s watch

WG133: Horse riding girl Annika wearing a black G-Shock

WG132: Sarina wearing a huge leather cuff watch

WG131: Veronica wearing a PopSwatch Star Parade

WG130: Rose wearing a Rolex Submariner

WG129: Chantelle wearing an OOZOO cuff watch

WG128: Karima wearing a G-Shock DW-6900X-9 CV

WG127: Sharon and Elena wearing exclusive metal watches

WG126: Missy wearing a Casio diver’s watch

WG125: Sarina wearing a big Tauchmeister watch

WG124: Damanja wearing an OOZOO big cuff watch

WG123: Candy wearing a black G-Shock