Archive for Handcuffs

WG238: Amanda and Eva: Oozoo watches and handcuffs

WG236: A few Stacey pictures for 99 cents

WG232: Alice wearing a black G-Shock and handcuffs

WG230: Nora wearing her own pink G-Shock (I gave it to her)

WG226: Lisa wearing a huge OOZOO cuff watch and handcuffs!

WG221: Alice wearing a Swatch Scuba right handed (and handcuffs)

WG219: Jennifer wearing two large cuff watches

WG215: Destiny wearing a huge OOZOO and handcuffs

WG205: Britt wearing a huge Oozoo and handcuffs!

WG152: Farah wearing a G-Shock and handcuffs

WG135: Sharon and Elena wearing Rolex Yacht Master and Rolex Submariner and Irish 8 handcuffs

WG117: Valery wearing a G-Shock and handcuffs

WG095: Daniela and Desi wearing a G-Shock and Citizen diver’s, swapping watches and playing with handcuffs

WG067: Fleur wearing a G-Shock and handcuffs

WG052: Michèlle wearing a fake G-Shock, some handcuff pictures, and some multiple pictures!

WG045: Melanie wearing her own black leather watch

WG015: Michèlle wearing a Casio G-Shock G-2000FL-6DR