Archive for Cuff

WG076: Paula wearing six watches

WG073: Malou wearing a Guess style double pin buckle watch

WG071: Sayang wearing a huge leather watch

WG068: Laila wearing a huge Friis watch

WG066: Thessa wearing an Axcent Seduction

WG061: Gina wearing Axcent Monitor and Axcent Rocker (inside)

WG058: Maaike wearing a huge Friis watch

WG054: Suzy wearing a white Axcent Broadband

WG053: Nathasja wearing an Axcent Seduction

WG049: Nathasja wearing a white Axcent Seduction

WG045: Melanie wearing her own black leather watch

WG044: Fleur wearing a red Axcent Seduction

WG042: Adinda wearing a S. Oliver watch

WG039: Nienke wearing a Diesel DZ5009 (brown)

WG038: Nathasja wearing a huge Friis cuff watch

WG036: Maaike wearing a white Axcent Broadband

WG032: Nathasja wearing a S. Oliver inside and outside

WG026: Gina wearing a TEN watch

WG021: Suzy wearing an Axcent The Cuff, inside and outside

WG020: Gina wearing 4 Axcent watches

WG016: Chantal wearing a Diesel DZ5009 (black)

WG011: Ingrid and Leonie wearing Axcent Monitor / Seduction

WG007: Kirsten wearing an Axcent Seduction

WG004: Maeve wearing a black Axcent Rocker