WG238: Amanda and Eva: Oozoo watches and handcuffs

WG237: Natalia Forrest wearing her silver MK

WG236: A few Stacey pictures for 99 cents

WG235: Roxy is back!

WG234: Amanda and Eva wearing their OOZOO watches

WG233: Sarah wearing a huge OOZOO cuff watch

WG232: Alice wearing a black G-Shock and handcuffs

WG231: Teresa in bikini top and huge OOZOO

WG230: Nora wearing her own pink G-Shock (I gave it to her)

WG229: Sylvia wearing a huge OOZOO cuff watch

WG228: Sarah in tight pants wearing a diver’s watch

WG227: Playboy model Brittany wearing a black G-Shock left AND right!

WG226: Lisa wearing a huge OOZOO cuff watch and handcuffs!

WG225: Sandy wearing SIX G-Shocks!

WG224: Tiffany wearing a Citizen diver’s watch

WG223: Evita wearing a huge OOZOO cuff watch

WG222: Kylie wearing a black G-Shock

WG221: Alice wearing a Swatch Scuba right handed (and handcuffs)

WG220: Sarah wearing a very tight Swatch Irony The Chrono

WG219: Jennifer wearing two large cuff watches

WG218: Alice wearing a pink G-Shock

WG217: Carie wearing her own large metal watch

WG216: Sandy wearing a Citizen diverĀ“s watch

WG215: Destiny wearing a huge OOZOO and handcuffs

WG214: Judy wearing a grey G-Shock watch

WG213: Taylor wearing a Swatch scuba watch in bikini

WG212: Tiffany wearing a Rolex submariner

WG211: Britt wearing a black G-Shock

WG210: This OOZOO cuff watch looks huge on Sabine

WG209: Felicia wearing a huge metal watch

WG208: Melissa wearing a G-Shock inside and outside

WG207: Jennifer wearing a Citizen diver’s watch

WG206: Evita wearing a Guess style cuff watch

WG205: Britt wearing a huge Oozoo and handcuffs!

WG204: Judy wearing a black G-Shock

WG203: Kylie wearing her own Geneva huge cuff watch

WG202: Damelsa loves metal jewelry and watches

WG201: Anna wearing a Citizen diver’s watch

WG200: Mocca wearing a Swatch Irony The Chrono

WG199: Evita wearing a grey G-Shock